About makingcents.ie

Financial jargon such as APR, equity and compound interest are difficult to understand at the best of times.
Indeed, research shows that many people have difficulties understanding common financial terms, adding up a bill or understanding a pay slip.

MakingCents.ie aims to simplify matters by providing tools to help you understand more about money and financial  matters. It is important that when making decisions about  finances everyone understands what they are signing up to  and are comfortable with their decisions. Makingcents.ie  explains in plain English common financial products and  the terms and procedures which financial institutions  apply. While this website cannot provide specialised money  advice, we hope it will help people make informed decisions  by equipping them with the right questions to ask  and the important things to look out for.

MakingCents.ie is a joint initiative between the National  Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) and EBS. In  bringing together NALA’s specialist knowledge of adult  basic education with the financial and customer expertise  of EBS, both organisations are working together to help  tackle barriers to financial literacy.

We hope you find this website helpful and we would be  delighted to hear any feedback you may have. If you’d like  to get in touch please use the form below.